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Communication Delivered


Integrity, Quality, and Trust

Founded in our personality traits, our core values (Integrity, Quality, and Trust) celebrate the beliefs and perspectives that unite DirectLine. Since the early 1980’s DirectLine has operated in the communications industry, never compromising on these values. Having this sturdy foundation has not only allowed us to remain in business but to grow the right way–by consistently proving that we can be trusted to deliver.


We are proud to employ some of the highest skilled and dedicated staff members in the industry—at all levels. On the front line, our crew is always professional, experienced and trained in the specialized tasks they must carry out. Field supervisors report on the deployment of their crews daily, including materials reporting and crew production metrics. Quality control and safety is always at the forefront. On-site inspection by management to verify and ensure quality is an important part of our process. Our management team has decades of experience working with large-scale projects from initial strategy to implementation and maintenance. Our executive’s experience in the industry, along with our vast network of resources, allow us to see your project not just from the general contractor’s point of view, but from yours as well.

DirectLine will make sure you're ready to face the future.

Will your communications infrastructure be able to accommodate demands,
changes, and advancements in technology?